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Daubenschale (Bowl made from staves)

You might use this bowl, which takes advantage of the bowed shapes of barrel staves, for books, newspapers, everyday bits and pieces or just for fruit. A timeless harmony of natural slate, stainless steel and oak barrel staves makes this an elegant furnishing to enhance your everyday life.
Size Heigth 70cm, Width 59cm, Depth ca. 30cm
Preis 320.- €

Wandregal "Fassboden"
I use the particularly beautifully grained longitudinal planks from barrel bases for this compact wall unit. The bung-hole with matching bung is in keeping with the effect. The support is of stainless steel. A unique place to keep your wine bottles, glasses or wine accessories.
Size Heigth ca. 15cm, Width ca. 58cm, Depth 15cm
Preis 120.- €

Adam & Eva
You come home, and at a glance are sensitive to mood and feelings.
It is Adam and Eve who make it possible - your indicators of the state of your relationship.
Both figures are on MDF board, with hand-crafted, modeled surfaces, coloured by hand with oil paints.

The colour ensemble always matches the picture above. The support is of polished stainless steel. Adam and eve come packed in an exclusive wooden box, and with a plxiglass cover.
Preis 220.- €

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