Wine racks made from staves

Used to be a barrel, now it's a wine rack!

A centre of attention in any interior, this is a wine rack made of perfectly harmonizing materials. The frame is of polished stainless steel. Supporting the bottles are 60 year old, characteristically bowed oak barrel staves. Small stainless steel pegs inserted into the wood keep the bottles in place for problem-free storage of your various wines. A top shelf made from eight millimeter thick high quality plate glass is the perfect place for your wine glasses, decanters and other wine accessories.
Size Height 101cm, Width 96cm, Depth 40cm
Bottles 40
Price 780.- € plus 40.- € freight

Grand Cru
As the name aptly suggests, this work of art for the lover of wine is reserved for your finest vintages. Stainless steel, old oak barrel staves and natural slate come together in a wine rack characterized by lightness and elegance.
Size Height 103cm, Width 40cm, Depth 32cm
Bottles 12
Price 580.- €

"Weinchen" is the little brother of "Küfer". I have harmonized the polished stainless steel, the vibrant oak of the staves and the flawless plate glass into an "objet d'art" in which your treasury of wines is perfectly supported. The bottles lie horizontally on the curved staves, so that the corks remain moist, whilst the labels are conveniently displayed when you come to make your selection.
Size Height 67cm, Width 58cm, Depth 38cm
Bottles 15
Price 420.- €

This unconventional wine rack can be thought of as a work of art thanks to its slim design and wonderful harmony of stainless steel, natural slate and oak barrel staves, drawing the eye as it displays your choice wines to perfect effect.
Size Height 113cm, Width 30cm, Depth 50cm
Bottles 9
Price 350.- € (294.12 € net)

Delicate vintages deserve a fitting presentation. Natural slate, stainless steel and svelte barrel staves complement the noble quality of your wines with their own spontaneous naturalness. A discreet little show-off.
Size Height 35cm, Width 39cm, Depth 32cm
Bottles 8
Price 210.- € (176.47 € net)

Daubenpaar & Daube
These two wine racks, "Daubenpaar" and "Daube" may strike you as sculptures. The exquisite figuring of the oak staves perfectly complements the shimmering character of the natural slate. Every wine rack is unique, lovingly hand-crafted.
Size Height 78cm, Width 30cm, Depth 40cm
Bottles 11
Price 180.- €

Size Height 78cm, Width 20cm, Depth 30cm
Bottles 6
Price 120.- € (100.84 € net)

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