Wine racks made from the base of the barrel
Characteristic of this approximately 2cm thick long timbers is the domed upper end, which is tapered and was anchored in the notch of the barrel staves.

Carefully hand-crafted, distinctive in figuring, structure and colouration, the warmth and living character of the wood has been specially brought out in this wine rack. The signs of age have been intentionally preserved, giving every piece a unique character. In each 20 cm thick base is a bung-hole, allowing the barrel to be filled or emptied. An oaken bung will be delivered with the wine rack.
Size Height ca. 60cm, Width ca. 32cm, Depth ca. 22cm
Bottles 6 - 7 depending on the height of the stave
Price 190.- €

A variant for the wall-storage of your wines. Stainless steel fixtures allow you to fix your wine rack at a convenient height even in the most confined spaces. Simply stored on display in the open, your treasured wines will be a treat in store. A bung of oak will be supplied.
Size Height 80cm, Width ca. 11cm, Depth 18cm
Bottles 5 - 6
Price 110.- €

With bottles in three of the spaces, and maybe the bung supplied with the wine rack in the fourth, your bottles will be ready to hand. The base of natural slate completes the stylish effect.
Size Height ca. 50cm, Width 18cm, Depth 20cm
Bottles 3 - 4
Price 100.- € (84.03 € net)

As the name aptly suggests, a small and individual wine rack for your everyday wines, but still presenting an intriguing harmony of wood and slate. Just give this little wine rack a chance to show off its character.
Size Height ca. 30cm, Width 18cm, Depth 20cm
Bottles 2
Price 75.- € (63.03 € net)

Schwund mit Firmenlogo
With your firm's logo branded into the wood, this wine rack makes an ideal promotional gift, an enduring representative that will keep you in the forefront of your clients' minds.

Please contact me concerning the branding (price, amount of racks etc.).
Size Height ca. 30cm, Width 18cm, Depth 20cm
Bottles 2
Price 75.- € (63.03 € net)

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