Germany's most beautiful wine-racks
A vision became my goal a few years ago when as a winemaker and artist I was inspired to create exceptional wine-racks. To rise to the challenge, I chose only the noblest materials, ones that provide the most appropriate complement to the wine.
I transform polished stainless steel, natural slate, float glass and mellowed, oak barrel staves into wine-racks, which enchant through their lightness and transparency. The choice of materials creates a perfect unity combining tradition with contemporary style, in a context that respects the nobility of the wine. The tension between the various materials breathes life and naturalness into the wine-racks.
Working by hand with love and the greatest care, I make of my wine-racks choice art objects that draw the eye in almost any interior setting. Every piece is a harmonious whole, glowing with the warmth of the wood.
To support your bottles, I use old, used oak staves, whose natural curvature holds the bottles securely. I find the staves, mostly over 60 years old, in the old winery cellars of Mosel-Saar and Ruwer, to the delight of the wine-makers, only too happy to see their old staves enjoy a new lease of life in an honourable role. After careful disassembly of the loads of wine-casks, keeping an eye out for any damaged pieces, the staves are stacked near my workshop to dry out. After about six months, I check once again for split or damaged staves. I sort the rest by thickness and width for different racks, and cut them to the required lengths. Then they are once again stacked before use for three months, this time in a heated room.
When any wine residues or distress from storage have been sanded away along with the surface layer, the character of the wood comes to the fore. Every stave is patterned with its own grain, which endows the racks and tables with warmth and individuality - you can really feel the immediate closeness to wine. The staves have over the decades aquired different nuances of colouring, which animate still further the character of the wood. The polished oak staves of the Mosel wine-casks glow sometimes light-brown, sometimes dark-brown, or grey-brown - individual in grain and structure. The striking signs of wear and tear are deliberately preserved - as unique traits.
These hand-crafted materials, perfectly matched to one another, come together into a worthy addition to your décor - a touch of individuality that can only enhance your life-style.

A vision has become reality!
© Möbel-Design & Weingalerie | Peter Heidemanns 2011